Grenfell Tower; why was it temporary news.

Grenfell Tower; why was it temporary news.

Date: 17 Jul, 2017  No Comments


The absolute devastation of the fire left hundreds dead, lost and homeless; needless to say the tragedy shook the country and the sympathies of many were left amongst the flowers laid out. Yet there are questions that have the imperative need to be answered; why was the building so susceptible to the flames, and why has it now become ‘old news’.

It was perhaps the most heart-wrenching occurrence – in seeing hundreds of people run from a building they considered home, a safe home. One cannot dismiss the tragedy, but there is a question that has been asked by many a twitter user, ‘why has Grenfell stopped being headline news’. Much like any news story, it has its five minutes of fame then falls in popularity – yet this isn’t a story of ‘fame’ or a story of ‘popularity’, but a notion of complete devastation. It was clear to see the hundreds of people who left flowers and gifts in respect of those lost, and those who have suffered loss. This show of sympathy and unity was something repeatedly shown on the news, it was amazing to see the show of support these victims got from the public, as it really exhibited the compassion many feel has been lost in todays society.

There was a story of a 16-year-old girl salvaging her uniform before her home burnt down just to sit a GCSE the next day. This, is remarkable. The fact that this girl, despite loosing everything, had the pure courage to make the best out of a bad situation and carry on is something that can really inspire us all. From this story, I took this lesson; life is incredibly unpredictable, and no-one has any idea what each new day will throw at you. But in having vigour, and a determination to make the best of any situation is imperative.

It is the sincerest wish of so many that those affected by this fire find peace and opportunity despite the devastation; everyone can fall, but in getting up proves worth.

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