Donald Trump; what for the morality of today’s youth?

Donald Trump; what for the morality of today’s youth?

Date: 04 Dec, 2016  1 Comment

That’s it, on the 9th November 2016 America chose Donald Trump to lead their country for the next four years. The reaction was something never seen before, many were in tears, many were overjoyed. Yet one could question, to what does his election mean for the morality of the young people in this world? Do his misogynistic, racist, derogative comments now entitle many across the US to replicate these same comments in all normality?

For me, this was perhaps the scariest thing; Trump’s comments about women especially mortified me. He classed them primarily as objects, as things to amuse himself; as things to be glorified in beauty not for their worth. Yet I ask the question, what do young girls who hear about this think? Are they being told this is okay, that his comments are that of simply ‘locker room talk’ as many had called it – or are they being told to be frightened for their safety in the years to come due to this now alarming blatancy of disrespect.

It is clear that numerous young girls are being constricted by society to fit in its conformities – to adhere to the social and aesthetic ‘requirements’ of women. There are too many girls in this society which think, at such a tender age, that they aren’t good enough. That they have no place, as they don’t look like the women they see on magazines. Even after being told it’s all photoshop, and that they should love what they have as its beautiful just the way it is, they see no such beauty.

Hilary Clinton understood this struggle, in her campaigns, her main focus was to glorify girls’ worth of their personality and inner beauty. Yet many didn’t like her, I must say I agree especially with this campaign as she didn’t slander young men and women around the country based on looks or ethnic background.


Perhaps an even more worrying matter, is the effect Trump’s words will have on young boys and men; he glorifies the fact that his position has enabled him to abuse women when and how he liked, it is my concern that boys will take from this, the wrong message. There are too many instances where people think they can treat people how they wish with no repercussions (e.g. the Brock Turner case), it is so important that respect is an ultimate minimum in any relationship. That no matter what, decency is required.

This map is important; I don’t think the youth realize the power they have. There IS power in numbers, there is insight and intelligence in the youth of today.

There is an important message from this image, our future really is determined by us; we have the power to change the places we live in, and greatly, for the better.

It is encouraging to see that so many have the view of my own, that Trump’s comments weren’t acceptable – and if the millennial’s were allowed to vote, then the next four years would perhaps be very different.


The main thing that I feel that many, even in the UK, can take from this election is that there will always be people that slander your looks, your ethnicity, or any insignificant thing that they can seize to get a reaction or comment (which was the tactic of Trump). But as an individual, you are worth more than that, one’s personality, interests, hobbies and talents make up a person – not how they look or what colour skin they have.

The best approach to anything is optimism, Trump could maybe be a good president; as much as I disagree with a lot of his values and comments – he has highlighted the reality of todays society.

It’s not perfect in the slightest, it never will be – yet surrounding yourself with people who see past the looks and see you, are the people important…not the comments of an idiot. As aren’t we all victorious people?

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