Youth Can Do I.T.


Youth Can Do I.T.

We are partnership working with an amazing non-profit organisation in Jamaica called Youth Can Do I.T. (YCDI). YCDI strives to empower the youth via technology, professional and personal development, faith and physical wellness initiatives. YCDI seeks to engage the youth through workshops, hands-on and interactive learning sessions with the intent to equip and educate them with the right skills and tools to turn their dreams into reality; changing their self-doubt into unshakable confidence and belief in themselves

Presently YCDI are running 6-week workshops called ‘Introduction to a Content Management System – WordPress’. The workshops explore the use of one of the most popular open source web-based content management systems- WordPress- to create dynamic and flexible websites.


In this fun, hands on workshop students explore the fundamentals of installing and setting up WordPress, developing CSS-controlled site templates, and creating database-driven websites through the planning and creation of their own topic-based sites.


By the end of the workshop the participants will have a professional looking website that they have created themselves. They will also acquire the skills to know how to maintain and update their website after the workshop is completed.

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