International Girls Day – What It Means For Our Girls Today

Date: 09 Oct, 2017  No Comments  VPadmin01

  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 has officially been proclaimed ‘International Girls Day’; though an ‘International Woman’s Day’ exists in March, there has now been a day dedicated to the young girls in our society who struggle against the oppression of everyday stereotypes and the pressure to adhere to societies complexes. Awareness UK writes, ‘There are

Grenfell Tower; why was it temporary news.

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  The absolute devastation of the fire left hundreds dead, lost and homeless; needless to say the tragedy shook the country and the sympathies of many were left amongst the flowers laid out. Yet there are questions that have the imperative need to be answered; why was the building so susceptible to the flames, and

Trying too hard, or being yourself

Date: 07 Apr, 2017  No Comments  VPadmin01

  Trying too hard or being yourself?   Embracing one’s individuality is a freedom that everyone should be entitled too; yet in many instances, many are judged for being themselves and exhibiting their individuality. In the 21st century, it has been a common theme in society to oppress those who differ from the crowd. Some

Acts of Kindness

Date: 01 Jan, 2017  3 Comments  VPadmin01

Acts of Kindness.   While spending time in the beautiful nation of South Africa, one factor remains a sad reality; the homelessness and the terrible living standards of many in the cities. Something that really stood out was the amount of young children and teenagers living in such appalling conditions, yet there was one instance

Donald Trump; what for the morality of today’s youth?

Date: 04 Dec, 2016  1 Comment  VPadmin01

That’s it, on the 9th November 2016 America chose Donald Trump to lead their country for the next four years. The reaction was something never seen before, many were in tears, many were overjoyed. Yet one could question, to what does his election mean for the morality of the young people in this world? Do